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Beauty School Lies

“You Have To Do Your Time,” And Other Lies Your Instructors, Owners, & Coworkers Have Probably Told You (And One You May Have Told Yourself).

five simple growth indicator

Evaluating Key Growth Indicators

Nail Salon advice- building walk in traffic

Drive Foot Traffic and Promote Good Will with this One Simple Event!

Compensation structure in the Nail Salon Environment

Salon Compensation: A Comparison Of Compensation Structures

Five Tactics for Turning Things Around Quickly

Client Retention  in the nail salon

It's Personal: A Simple Call Can Win Back a Client

Stress Management during the Holiday Season for your Nail Salon

Keeping Stress Down and Business Up this Holiday Season: An Interview With Taylor Swanson From Associated Nail Professionals

Salon Owner Commissions spreadsheet

Tiered Commission Spreadsheet For Salon Owners

Beauty School

Why Doesn’t Society Take this Industry Seriously?

Opening a nail salon Tips

7 Things to Know Before Opening a Salon

It’s important for those who feel victimized to learn how to evaluate comments before becoming defensive.

Interpreting Written Communications: Learning to evaluate Written Critiques

How to handle Nail clients who are wanting you to use different products

Branded: What do you do when a client wants a product you don’t offer?

Nail Salon Business Plan Advice

It's About the Customer: Does Your Business Plan Need to be Refocused?

Drawing Boundaries with clients

Salon Horror Stories: “My Client Stalked Me.”

nail Salon Advise- Menus

Is It Time to Tweak Your Service Menu

Handling Stress During the Holiday Season

10 Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress

Online Nail salon Portfolio

Online Portfolios: Make One. Now.

 grow your salon  business

Go Digital: What are You Doing to Grow Your Business

Nail Tech client treatments

Stuff vs Fluff: How to Define a Good Customer Experience

Creating a media buzz in your nail salon

Are You Getting Buzzed? Creating a Media Buzz for your Salon.