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Nail Tech education

The Value of Education

Building your Business Marketing Confidence

Marketing Confidence

Where to focus your Energy- does facebook Like count impact you client bookings?

Nail Tech Reality Check: Facebook Likes verses Actual Client Building

Sticking to Your Guns: Creating and Enforcing Solid Service Policies

Nail Salon Retail Product Displays

5 Key Elements of a Successful Retail Display

Nail Salon advise- Moving forward

Moving Forward After a Bad Professional Experience

Team Building! 5 attributes to look for when hiring your staff

Team Building! 5 attributes to look for when hiring your staff

Cash based businesses nails salons, are often targeted for random audits.

The Salon Owner's and Booth Renter's Guide to Avoiding an IRS Audit

social media for salons

New Social Media Platform is Attracting your Audience!

Nail salon Inspiration

Considering throwing in the towel? Read this first.

Nail Spa Professional Mentoring Strategies

Mentoring Matters: How to Build a Stronger Staff

This is your bible to navigating the salon and spa industry

Employment 101: How to Recognize Bad Owners and Employment Scams in the Salon or Spa

Nail Technicians and Commisions

The Great Commission Failure: A Tale of Three Nail Techs

Nail Salon Business advice  financial goals

Where Are You At? Halfway Through the Year Are You Still on Target.

Nail Salon Business Taxes

The 20 Factor IRS Test: Why the Only Independent Contractors That Belong In Salons are Booth Renters

Nail Salon working for Free

Work Without Pay: "Am I required to perform free services to help 'promote' the business or myself?"

clean salon- what is important for your nail salon clients

Keep It Clean

Salon laws and misconceptions

Common Misconceptions: Laws that most salon owners are unaware of.

Moving your Nail salon Business

Movin' On Up! How to Relocate Your Salon Without Losing Clients

Nail Salon Business advice retail

Retail Revenue: Find the Revenue in your Salon